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Basically, I have sites elsewhere on the Internet. This page will probably be the easiest to build though! I might consider this one a sort of clearing house or central site.You can find other homepages on Angelfire and Geocities, as well as Tripod and Xoom. I started building those sites when I had WebTV. Now I have a computer. The advantages of having a computer include the ability to record music, draw pictures and save information on floppy disks. Then again, I can also make printed copies of whatever I want or need.

Having said all that, onward and upward! Personally speaking, I do a lot of writing: poetry, songs, short stories, articles, and humor, especially. I've had a few poems, short stories and articles published in the past--both online and in magazines. I've even had a couple of children's books published. Besides that, I like to draw cartoons. Microsoft Paint, among other programs, allows me to do this without making a mess!

I play a number of musical instruments, including violin, harmonica, recorder, guitar, penny whistle and kazoo. I have a lot of hobbies, the latest of which consists of building my own musical instruments, such as didgeridoos, flutes, panpipes, zithers, bongo drums and thumb pianos. For some reason, I seem to do well making and playing didgeridoos. Perhaps they are the simplest to make. Authentic instruments, such as those played by Australian Aborigines, consist of eucalyptus branches hollowed out by termites. The didges (short for didgeridoos) I've made consist of lengths of bamboo or PVC tubing. I also have models made from suction and vacuum hose, as well as cardboard tubes. Most have beeswax mouthpieces, as do their genuine counterparts.

Here's a schematic diagram of a didgeridoo:

The one on the left actually consists of two PVC tubes (conduits) taped together. I call this model a double didgeridoo, for obvious reasons, I'm sure! You can also make a set of didgeridoo pan pipes but having three or more PVC tubes can be rather unwieldly! Then there's the fact a three-foot-long PVC can be pretty heavy.

Now here's a schematic of a zither. I've made zithers out of cigar boxes and wooden crates. Cigar boxes can be quite satisfying because there's no heavy wood pieces to cut or nail together. You need only glue on a diagonal cross bar (to shorten the length of the strings) and insert screw eyes, nails and the strings themselves:

You can either drill a series of holes into the box lid or just cut out a piece of it to form the sound box. I've tuned my zithers according to a major scale.

Flutes, at their simplest, consist of hollow tubes with holes in them. One end is usually blocked. I've made flutes from bamboo, PVC, plastic snorkel tubes and even clay (actually modelling material). Here's a simple drawing:

This is just a sampling of the kinds of instruments you can build. I have written more detailed instructions on my geocities homepage, specifically:

There are also sample sounds on angelfire:

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