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More   fun   stuff   about   the   Punkrats   and   other   critters

The monkey was into punk. He had an affair with the skunk. They had a big fight; Were at it all night. And that's why the monkey stunk.

Green Cheese (A parody of Greensleeves. New Lyrics by Jonathan Brandstater, 1999)

There was a rat in olden times Who used to squeak in rhythm and rhymes. He lived inside an old rat hole And his favorite food was green cheese.

Chorus: Green cheese be me favorite food. I've never tasted anything so good. Green cheese be me favorite food. There be nothing better 'n green cheese.

He lived inside a castle old. In summer, 'twas hot; In winter, cold. But that really didn't bother him As long as he had his supply of green cheese.


(A punkrat song)

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